About the project

The present virtual exhibition is the result of a research project on the articulation between the history and the heritage of publishing developed within the Reading and the Forms of Writing Group of CHAM - Centre for the Humanities, based at FCSH of Universidade Nova de Lisboa.
Within the framework of this project, a historical-documental exhibition was organised in 2019 around the contribution of a publisher-distributor-bookshop which at the time was half a century old, the Ulmeiro. This exhibition, entitled «Isto anda tudo ligado»: Ulmeiro 50 anos de intervenção cultural 1969-2019 [«This is all connected»: Ulmeiro 50 years of cultural intervention 1969-2019], was open to the public with free access between May and July of that year, in two rooms of the cultural centre Fábrica Braço de Prata.
It had the support of this cultural centre as well as of CHAM and Espaço Ulmeiro Associação Cultural, among other partners. This exhibition then had a parallel cultural programme, centred around the exhibition of national and foreign documentaries on the world of publishing, tertulias (gatherings) regarding the independent publishing and performances related to texts by classical authors of Portuguese language (concerts and declamations).
Following this, and given the strategic importance that the same Research Group and its Centre attribute to the research, preservation and promotion of the book world’s heritage, it was deemed relevant to provide greater projection to the investment made in this physical exhibition, adapting it to the virtual exhibition, for which it was considered pertinent to replicate not only the set of almost 300 documentary pieces exhibited but also to complement it with other useful contents and tools, like the bibliographic catalogue, supporting bibliography, etc.
For this purpose, it received the logistic support of DHLab from NOVA's Institute of Contemporary History, especially from its mentors Daniel Alves and Danielle Sanches, in a partnership that, through the use of Digital Humanities, seeks to foster the preservation, dissemination and knowledge of primary sources linked to our contemporary History.

This work is funded by national funds through the FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, I.P., under the Norma Transitória – DL 57/2016/CP1453/CT0062.
This web publication had the support of CHAM (NOVA FCSH/UAc), through the strategic project sponsored by FCT (UIDB/04666/2020).


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